Gear We Use

Here’s where we’ll list the equipment we use in our sessions in case you’d like to buy your own. There’s no guarantee the links we post will be the best prices out there so feel free to shop around!

  • Hubsan X4
    • This is one of the micro drones we use in our beginner sessions. It’s very robust and comes with everything you need to get started, including a fairly comfortable transmitter (controller). We highly reccomend this for your first drone.
  • Blade Inductrix
    • The Inductrix is the other drone we use in our sessions. It doesn’t withstand repeated crashes as well as the Hubsan but it makes up for it with its slightly smaller size and great flight characteristics. It’s also possible to turn an Inductrix into a Tiny Whoop with FPV if this is something you want to do later on.
    • We’ve linked to the RTF (ready to fly) version of the Inductrix which includes everything you need, but if you already have a DSMX compatible transmitter you can buy the BNF version.

If you have any further questions about equipment please feel free to pop onto our Slack channel and ask away!

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