Meet the Committee

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Freddie Eglese


Freddie is a 1st year Computer Science student. Entering the world of RC through Mardave V12 cars 7 years ago, in the last 5 years he has progressed to the skies and now mainly flys quadcopters, helicopters and planes. He has built planes in the past and has now built his own race quad. His videos can be found on YouTube.

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Jashan Bhoora


Jashan is your treasurer. He is currently in his 4th year, studying Computer Science with Embedded Systems. He’s had an interest in remote control stuff for a while, but only really got into it when he designed and built his first quadcopter a couple of years ago. He’s interested in 3D printing (which is how he built his first quad!), and more generally anything that incorporates technology and moves… the latest example of this being Robot Wars, in which he was lucky enough to participate in the new series.

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Sean Duffy


Sean is a fourth year student studying Computer Science MEng. He became interested in drones a few years ago after watching videos by Flite Test and now owns a total of six quadcopters, three of which were self-built. You can see some of his drone-related adventures on his YouTube Channel. His favourite drone pilot is Mr Steele.